Get Job(Deprecated)


Deprecated since version Use these APIs instead: Get basic job information (GET), Get detailed job information by job ID (GET), Get basic and detailed job information by job ID (POST).

The get job service shows job information for a job with the specified job ID.


HTTP Request Field Field format/value Notes®
HTTP Method GET  
URL http://<hostname>:<port>/platform/webservice/pacclient/jobs/<id> <id>: integer
Content-Type application/xml Also supports application/json
Accept text/xml Also supports application/json
Cookie platform_token=<token> <token>: returned from logon
Body Empty  


HTTP Response Field format/value Notes
Response code "200" - connection ok; otherwise connection failed  
Success Message
Failure Message

When no data is found, the following is returned:


When there is an error message, the returned XML is:

%s=return note message or error message