Relevant data

Relevant data defines global variable data for the workflow process.

Relevant data is used to pass data from one activity to the next by associating it with activity parameters. Relevant data can be accessed through JavaScript for use in transition conditional logic, script activities, and post-activity scripts.

Relevant data consists of the following attributes:
The relevant data ID is its name, for user. This ID is used to reference the relevant data item when associating it to activity parameters or accessing it in JavaScript. The ID cannot contain any spaces or special characters other than an underscore (_).
The relevant data container is the type of data. For example: Person, Account, Distinguished Name, List, Integer, and String.
Used with certain relevant data types to specify the profile type. For example, with Account-type relevant data the Entity might be ITIMAccount.
Element Type
Used with the List type to specify what type of items are stored in the list.

You might want to enhance lifecycle operations with additional functionality. You might add additional relevant data items and JavaScript code to retrieve values for those items from the directory. For example, assume that you want to transfer a user to another location within the organization whenever a modifyPerson operation is done that changes an attribute related to the user's job function. You would need to define relevant data that applied to the organizational container in which you were placing the user.