IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence, Version 5.2.3

Identity Governance and Intelligence overview

IBM® Security Identity Governance and Intelligence is a network appliance-based integrated identity governance solution. This solution employs business-centric rules, activities, and processes. It empowers line-of-business managers, auditors, and risk managers to govern access and evaluate regulatory compliance across enterprise applications and services.

Identity Governance and Intelligence offers:
  • A single identity governance foundation platform to help organizations understand, control, and make business decisions that are related to user access and access risks.
  • A business-activity-based approach to facilitate communication between auditors and IT staff and to help determine segregation of duties violations across enterprise applications, including SAP.
  • Better visibility and user access control through consolidating access entitlements from target applications and employing sophisticated algorithms for role mining, modeling, and optimization.
  • User lifecycle management including provisioning and workflow capabilities, along with integration with IBM Security Identity Manager and third-party tools.
  • Access request management that delivers easier-to-implement, business-friendly, self-service access request functions.
  • Target integration that automates the process of data collection and fulfillment of identity and access from distributed target systems.
  • Persona-based dashboards that help with tasks prioritization.
  • Option to authenticate users from an external user registry to the Local Management Interface.
  • Options for using the applicable FIPS 140-2 specifications.
For more information about the Identity Governance and Intelligence capabilities and what's new in this release, see the following references: