Checking prerequisites

Run the prerequisite check script file (preReqCheckWindows.bat for Windows and for Linux and AIX) to analyze your system environment before installing or upgrading IBM® Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager. The product automatically runs this script file when the installation is initiated.

The prerequisite check verifies the following requirements:
  • The minimum memory required.
  • The minimum CPU speed required.
  • On a system with Linux® operating system:
    • bash is installed.
    • SELinux is disabled and umask is set to 022.
    • Permissions on the /tmp directory of the system is set to 777 that is full execute, read, write permissions.
    • The Db2® kernel parameters are correctly configured.

Each of these requirements has a specific script file as well, which you can run separately. For example, script file to check the memory requirement is RAMWINDOWS.bat for Windows and for Linux and AIX.

The script file is packaged with the product and is available in the disk1 directory.

File location:
  • Windows: disk1\precheckscripts\preReqCheckWindows.bat
  • Linux and AIX: /disk1/precheckscripts/