Downloading a backup file

You can download a backup file from the IBM® Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager server to your local file system by using the graphical user interface or REST interface. You need not log in to the server computer for the same.

Before you begin

Ensure that your user ID has the required role (klmFileTransfer or klmSecurityOfficer) to transfer files from and to the server.


  • Using graphical user interface
    1. Log in to the graphical user interface by using your credentials.
    2. Click the Administration tab and select Backup and Restore.
    3. If the table does not display any backup files, click Display Backups.
    4. In the row that contains the backup file that you want to download, click Download.
  • Using REST interface
    1. Open a REST client.
    2. Obtain a unique user authentication identifier to access IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager REST APIs. For more information about the authentication process, see Authentication process for REST services.
    3. Run Download File from Server REST Service.


The file is downloaded in the folder that is configured as the default download folder of your browser.