Command-line interface

The IBM® Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager command-line interface is not available from V4.2. You can use the REST interface for managing and administering IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager.

To try out the REST APIs, you can use the Swagger UI that is integrated with IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager. For more information, see Using Swagger UI.

For the complete list of REST APIs, see REST APIs.

Table 1. Commands and their corresponding REST APIs
Command Corresponding REST API
tklmBackupGetProgress Backup Get Progress REST Service
tklmBackupGetRestoreProgress Backup Get Restore Progress REST Service
tklmBackupGetRestoreResult Backup Get Restore Result REST Service
tklmBackupGetResult Backup Get Result REST Service
tklmBackupIsRestoreRunning Restore is Running REST Service
tklmBackupIsNeeded Backup is Needed REST Service
tklmBackupIsRunning Backup is Running REST Service
tklmBackupList Backup List REST Service
tklmBackupRun Backup Run REST Service
tklmBackupRunRestore Backup Run Restore REST Service
tklmCertAttributeUpdate Certificate Attribute Update REST Service
tklmCertCreate Create Certificate REST Service
tklmCertDefaultRolloverAdd Certificate Default Rollover Add REST Service
tklmCertDefaultRolloverDelete Certificate Default Rollover Delete REST Service
tklmCertDefaultRolloverList Certificate Default Rollover List REST Service
tklmCertDelete Delete Certificate REST Service
tklmCertExport Certificate Export REST Service
tklmCertGenRequest Certificate Generate Request REST Service
tklmCertImport Certificate Import REST Service
tklmCertList Certificate List REST Service
tklmConfigDeleteEntry Delete Config Property REST Service
tklmConfigGetEntry Get Single Config Property REST Service
tklmConfigList Get Config Properties List REST Service
tklmConfigUpdateEntry Update Config Property REST Service
tklmDeviceAdd Device Add REST Service
tklmDeviceDelete Device Delete REST Service
tklmDeviceList Device List REST Service
tklmDeviceUpdate Device Update REST Service
tklmDeviceGroupAttributeDelete Device Type Attribute Delete REST Service
tklmDeviceGroupAttributeList Device Type Attributes List REST Service
tklmDeviceGroupAttributeUpdate Device Group Attribute Update REST Service
tklmDeviceGroupBaseList Device Group Base List REST Service
tklmDeviceGroupCreate Device Group Create REST Service
tklmDeviceGroupDelete Device Group Delete REST Service
tklmDeviceGroupList Device Type List REST Service
tklmGroupCreate Group Create REST Service
tklmGroupDelete Group Delete REST Service
tklmGroupEntryAdd Group Entry Add REST Service
tklmGroupEntryDelete Group Entry Delete REST Service
tklmGroupList Group List REST Service
tklmGroupUpdate Group Update REST Service
tklmKeyAttributeUpdate Key Attribute Update REST Service
tklmKeyDelete Delete Key REST Service
tklmKeyExport Key Export REST Service
tklmKeyGroupDefaultRolloverAdd Add Default Key Group for Rollover REST Service
tklmKeyGroupDefaultRolloverDelete Delete Default Key Group for Rollover REST Service
tklmKeyGroupDefaultRolloverList List Default Key Group for Rollover REST Service
tklmKeyImport Key Import REST Service
tklmKeyList List Key REST Service
tklmKeyUpdate Key Update REST Service
tklmKeyServerStatus Key Server Status REST Service
tklmKMIPTemplateDelete KMIP Template Delete REST Service
tklmKMIPTemplateList KMIP Template List REST Service
tklmMachineDeviceAdd Machine Device Add REST Service
tklmMachineDeviceDelete Machine Device Delete REST Service
tklmMachineDeviceList Machine Device List REST Service
tklmMachineIdentityAdd Machine Identity Add REST Service
tklmMachineIdentityDelete Machine Identity Delete REST Service
tklmMachineIdentityList Machine Identity List REST Service
tklmMachineIdentityUpdate Machine Identity Update REST Service
tklmPendingClientCertAccept Pending Client Certificate Accept REST Service
tklmPendingClientCertList Pending Client Certificate List REST Service
tklmPendingClientCertReject Pending Client Certificate Reject REST Service
tklmPendingDeviceAccept Pending Device Accept REST Service
tklmPendingDeviceList Pending Device List REST Service
tklmPendingDeviceReject Pending Device Reject REST Service
tklmPendingMachineDeviceAccept Pending Machine Device Accept REST Service
tklmPendingMachineDeviceList Pending Machine Device List REST Service
tklmPendingMachineDeviceReject Pending Machine Device Reject REST Service
tklmReplicationConfigDeleteEntry Delete Replication Config Property REST Service
tklmReplicationConfigGetEntry Get Single Replication Config Properties REST Service
tklmReplicationConfigList Get Replication Config Properties List REST Service
tklmReplicationConfigUpdateEntry Update Replication Config Property REST Service
tklmReplicationNow Replication Now REST Service
tklmReplicationStart Replication Start REST Service
tklmReplicationStatus Replication Status REST Service
tklmReplicationStop Replication Stop REST Service
tklmSecretDataDelete KMIP Secret Data Delete REST Service
tklmSecretDataList KMIP Secret Data List REST Service
tklmSecretKeyCreate Secret Key Create REST Service
tklmServedDataList Served Data List REST Service
tklmTrustStoreCertAdd Add Certificate to Liberty Truststore REST Service
tklmTrustStoreCertDelete Delete Certificate from Liberty TrustStore REST Service
tklmTrustStoreCertList Truststore Certificate List REST Service
tklmVersionInfo Version Info REST Service