Administering certificates and keys

To administer certificates and keys, you might want to add, modify, or delete their associated node names. You can also add keys and a name that is associated with the keys.

Before you begin

To back up encryption keys and other critical data, set the property enableHighScaleBackup=true in the configuration file. For more information, see Backing up large amount of data.

About this task

Your role must have permissions to the view action and to the appropriate device group. Use the management page for PEER_TO_PEER to add, modify, or delete a certificate or key.

Before you begin, examine the columns on the page, which provides buttons to add, modify, or delete a table item.

The table is organized in these information areas:

  • In left columns, information about the device WWNN (in ASCII format), device certificate name, and device type are displayed.
  • In right columns, information about keys indicates the key UUID and the key name that the certificates on the left have access to, are displayed.


  1. Log in to the graphical user interface.
    1. In the Key and Device Management section on Welcome page, select PEER_TO_PEER.
    2. Click Go to > Manage keys and devices.

      Alternatively, right-click PEER_TO_PEER and select Manage keys and devices.

  2. You can add, modify, or delete a key or device certificate.