KMIP objects and profiles

KMIP elements include cryptographic objects, operations for the objects, and attributes that are associated with these objects. With the implementation of KMIP, you can manage cryptographic objects and control their use. Also, IBM® Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager supports various KMIP profiles to interact with KMIP clients.

KMIP objects

IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager supports the following set of KMIP objects. These objects are required by the client and the server for the key management operations.
Object Description
Certificate A digital certificate, such as an X.509 certificate.
Opaque Object An object that is stored by a key management server, but not necessarily interpreted by it.
Private Key The private key of an asymmetric key pair.
Public Key The public key of an asymmetric key pair.
Secret Data A shared secret value that is not a key or certificate.
Symmetric Key A symmetric encryption key or message authentication code key.
Template A stored, named list of KMIP attributes.

KMIP profiles

For information about the supported KMIP profiles, see