CTGKM0916W Warning: Information about this backup was not saved. However, the IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager backup operation saved all the necessary files, which could be used for a restore operation in the future.


A successful backup operation saves information about the backup in a file named SKLM_HOME/config/lastbackupinfo. However, the step to save this information failed, or the information is incorrect. You can still use the backup file for a restore operation. Possible reasons for failure: Another process was using the lastbackupinfo file, or permissions for the SKLM_HOME/config directory are incorrect.

System action

The backup operation succeeded but the information about the most recent backup could not be saved.

Administrator response

Verify that no other process is using the lastbackupinfo file and the SKLM_HOME/config directory has the correct read and write permissions. Then try the backup operation again if you want this information to be accurate.