Subscribing to Support updates

To stay informed of important information about the IBM® products that you use, you can subscribe to updates.

About this task

By subscribing to receive updates about IBM Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager, you can receive important technical information and updates for specific IBM Support tools and resources. You can subscribe to updates by using one of two approaches:

RSS feeds

For information about RSS, including steps for getting started and a list of RSS-enabled IBM web pages, visit the IBM Software Support RSS feeds site.

My Notifications
With My Notifications, you can subscribe to Support updates for any IBM product. My Notifications replaces My Support, which is a similar tool that you might have used in the past. With My Notifications, you can specify that you want to receive daily or weekly email announcements. You can specify what type of information you want to receive (such as publications, hints and tips, product flashes (also known as alerts), downloads, and drivers). My Notifications enables you to customize and categorize the products about which you want to be informed and the delivery methods that best suit your needs.


To subscribe to Support updates:

  1. Subscribe to My Notifications by going to the IBM Support Portal and click My Notifications in the Notifications portlet.
  2. Sign in using your IBM ID and password, and click Submit.
  3. Identify what and how you want to receive updates.
    1. Click the Subscribe tab.
    2. Select the appropriate software brand or type of hardware.
    3. Select one or more products by name and click Continue.
    4. Select your preferences for how to receive updates, whether by email, online in a designated folder, or as an RSS or Atom feed.
    5. Select the types of documentation updates that you want to receive, for example, new information about product downloads and discussion group comments.
    6. Click Submit.


Until you modify your RSS feeds and My Notifications preferences, you receive notifications of updates that you have requested. You can modify your preferences when needed (for example, if you stop using one product and begin using another product).