Deleting a device group export file

You might delete an export file for which a business needs no longer exists. Use the graphical user interface or REST interface to delete a device group export file.

About this task

You can use the Export/Import page or Device Group Delete REST Service to delete an export file.


  1. Go to the appropriate page or directory.
    Graphical user interface
    1. Log on to the graphical user interface.
    2. On the Welcome page, click Administration > Export and Import.
    REST interface
    Open a REST client.
  2. Delete a selected export file.
    Graphical user interface
    1. Click Browse to specify the export file location under <SKLM_DATA> directory. For the definition of <SKLM_DATA>, see Definitions for HOME and other directory variables.
    2. Click Display Exports to display the export files.
    3. In the table, select an export file.
    4. Click Delete and confirm that you want to delete the file.
    5. Alternatively, right-click the export file and select Delete and confirm that you want to delete the file.
    REST interface
    1. Obtain a unique user authentication identifier to access IBM® Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager REST services. For more information about the authentication process, see Authentication process for REST services.
    2. To run Device Group Delete REST Service, send the HTTP DELETE request. Pass the user authentication identifier that you obtained in Step a along with the request message as shown in the following example.
      DELETE https://localhost:<port>/SKLM/rest/v1/deviceGroups/newDevGrp
      Content-Type: application/json
      Accept: application/json
      Authorization: SKLMAuth userAuthId=139aeh34567m

What to do next

Examine the directory in which the export files are stored to determine whether the specified file was deleted.