Adding a drive

You can add a device such as a tape drive to the IBM® Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager database. Before you begin, create the keys and key groups that you want to associate with the devices that you are about to identify. Additionally, obtain the tape drive serial number, and other description information. Determine whether the drive uses a specific key group, or a system default key group.

About this task

You can use the Add Tape Drive dialog or the Device Add REST Service to add a device. Your role must have the permission to the create action and a permission to the appropriate device group.


  1. Go to the appropriate page or directory:
    • Graphical user interface:
      1. Log on to the graphical user interface.
      2. In the Key and Device Management section on Welcome page, select LTO.
      3. Click Go to > Manage keys and devices.
      4. Alternatively, right-click LTO and select Manage keys and devices.
      5. On the management page for LTO, click Add.
      6. Click Tape Drive.
    • REST interface:
      • Open a REST client.
  2. Add a device:
    • Graphical user interface:

      On the Add Tape Drive dialog, type the required and optional information. Then, click Add Tape Drive.

    • REST interface:
      Use Device Add REST Service to add a device. For example, you can send the following HTTP request:
      POST https://localhost:port/SKLM/rest/v1/devices
      Content-Type: application/json
      Accept : application/json
      Authorization : SKLMAuth userAuthId=37ea1939-1374-4db7-84cd-14e399be2d20
      Accept-Language : en
      ABCdeF1234567890,description salesDivisionDrive"}

What to do next

Next, verify whether the drive that you added is listed in the Devices table.