Deleting a key

You might delete a key entry from the IBM® Security Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager database.

About this task

You can use the Delete menu item to delete a key. Your role must have permissions to the delete action and to the appropriate device group.


  1. Log on to the graphical user interface.
  2. In the Key and Device Management section on Welcome page, select PEER_TO_PEER.
  3. Click Go to > Manage keys and devices.
  4. Alternatively, right-click PEER_TO_PEER and select Manage keys and devices.
  5. On the management page for PEER_TO_PEER, select a key.
  6. Click Delete.
  7. Alternatively, right-click a key and then select Delete.
  8. On the Confirm dialog, read the confirmation message to verify that the correct key was selected before you delete the key. Then, click OK.
    The key information is removed from the table.