Creating a data source connection with IBM Security Guardium Data Connector

IBM Security Guardium Data Connector allows you to connect your data sources to the cloud so they can be scanned for security vulnerabilities. You can connect up to 100 data sources to your data connector.

About this task

Guardium Data Connector has an easy-to-follow workflow:


What to do next

After adding a data source, it is scanned almost immediately unless you opt to disable the immediate scan. When the scan is complete, you can view the scan results in Guardium Analyzer.

Note: When launching the Guardium Data Connector installation, and when launching the tool after installation, you may receive a WS.Reputation.1 notification if you are running Symantec Endpoint Protection. This occurs because Guardium Data Connector is a new product, and Symantec Endpoint Protection is not yet familiar with the Guardium Data Connector installation. The notification is a false positive that can safely be ignored.