Configuring your application in LinkedIn

To use LinkedIn as an identity provider, you must configure your application in LinkedIn.

Before you begin

Follow the steps in Adding a social identity provider.

About this task

Note: Because of recent API changes the scope r_contact info is not now openly supported. Therefore, second factor authentication (2FA) with SMS OTP is not available with this identity provider. For more information, see


  1. Log in to the LinkedIn developers site at
  2. Click Create App and complete all required information.
    Specify your company name or create a new company page.
  3. Click Create App.
    The App Settings is displayed.
  4. Select the Auth tab.
  5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Specify these authentication keys in the Verify Admin console Add Identity Provider dialog box.
  6. Set the application permissions.
  7. Specify under Authorized Redirect URLs the Redirect URL from the Verify Admin console, Authentication > Add Identity providers.
  8. Click Update.