Managing reports

To generate a report, you need to have administrative permission or be a member of the helpdesk group.

Before you begin

  • Log in to the IBM® Security Verify administration console as an Administrator.

About this task

The category of a report can be either Audit or Status.
Audit reports are event-based and represents the activity that occurred during a specific time range. This category of reports include Authentication activity, Threat detection, Adaptive access, Application usage, Admin activity, MFA activity, Password intelligence, Fulfillment activity, Account sync history, Campaign activity, Consent activity, and Consumer usage analytics reports.

Status reports represent the state of a resource and its associated attributes at a specific point in time. This category of reports include User compliance, and User entitlement reports.

To generate certain reports, you must have specific subscription.
Table 1. Subscription requirements
Report Subscription
Authentication activity Any
Application usage Verify
Admin activity Any
MFA activity Verify
Consumer usage analytics Verify


  1. Select Reporting& diagnostics > Reports.
  2. Select the tile for the report that you want to view.
  3. Click View Report.