Requesting access to an application

Use this task to view and manage your application requests.


  1. Request access to an application.
    1. Navigate to My Homepage.
      If you are not on the My apps page, select the App center tab.
    2. Click Add App.
      The Catalog page is displayed that contains the applications that are available. Applications that you have access to are marked Added.
    3. Find the application that you want and click Request access.
    4. In the Justification field, type the reason for requesting access to the application.
    5. Click Submit.
      A confirmation message is displayed and the application is marked as pending.
    6. Optional: Click View Request to see the status of the request.
  2. View the status of your requests.
    1. Navigate to My Homepage.
    2. Click the My requests tab.
      Your pending requests are displayed with the application name, the approver, status, and the request date.
    3. Optional: Click the row of a request to see more details.
      The details pop-out includes the request ID, your justification, and any comments. From the details pop-out, you can also send a reminder to the approver or delete your request.
    4. Optional: Use the filter menu to see your requests that are not in pending status.
      You can select,
      • Need Action
      • Pending
      • Approved
      • Rejected
      • Canceled
      • Invalidated
      Click the row of a request to see more details.