Downloading and uploading a master with user interface

To create a theme, you need to download a file to make your changes.

About this task

This process is how you can customize the default theme or create a new one to brand your applications and user flows.
Note: Externally confirm the HTML syntax and reupload your customization with the valid HTML. If any errors are present, emails are not sent.


  1. Navigate to User experience > Branding.
  2. Select Download master theme in the upper right side of the page.
  3. Open the file that is downloaded to your device and edit the specific files that you want to change.
  4. After you make your changes to the files, save them as a new .zip file.
  5. Return to the Branding page.
  6. Click Create theme.
  7. On the page display, enter the name of your theme.
  8. Optional: Enter a description for your theme.
    Note: The theme name and description can also be edited after creation by selecting the theme.
  9. Optional: If you need to download a, select Download theme on the page display.
  10. Click Upload file.
  11. Select the folder that has your edited files.
  12. Click Open.
  13. Click Create theme.