Managing branding

You can customize IBM® Security Verify to add your brand to log in pages, notifications, and other pages. Your company logo, and branded headers and footers can be applied to pages displayed by Verify.

Branding helps define the customer experience and reduces the entry barrier for new users. By customizing Verify pages, you make the look and feel for your application more consistent and recognizable.

Two methods are available to brand your Verify pages. Both methods use the Verify Application programming interfaces (APIs) to apply branding updates.
With themes, each application can have a different theme or look and feel for the pages generated by Verify. You can also apply a single theme to all the applications within your tenant. For more information, see Managing themes.
Note: This method is deprecated. See Managing themes for the appropriate APIs. For more information on how to migrate, see Branding management best practices.
Templates are an earlier method of applying branding. If you are just starting to brand your Verify tenant, use the themes method, not templates. For more information, see Managing templates.
Note: If you are already using templates, you can move to the Verify themes method. For more information, see Managing templates.