Branding management best practices

Follow these best practices when branding your IBM® Security Verify tenant.

Getting started with branding
When getting started, consider the following suggestions:
  • Try simple branding updates first, such as, logo graphics, header and footer elements, style files (.css), and labels. For more information see, Create common branding and Customizing labels.
  • Create and retain backups of your brand customizations.
Recommended process for managing branding
  1. Download the compressed master theme file. For more information, see Download a theme with API.
  2. Decompressed the master theme file and modify the necessary template files to apply your customizations.
  3. Compress the folder and upload your theme. For more information, see Updating a theme.
    1. Update the default theme if want the changes to apply to all applications or create a new theme if the theme is intended for a specific application.
    2. (optional) Compress only the modified files and preserve the file structure. You can remove the non-modified files and folders. The upload ignores files that match the original templates.
  4. Back up your customizations. Download the customize template files for your theme by using the customized_only=true parameter. It is recommended to store this backup instead of the uploaded compressed file to avoid storing any templates that you did not modify.
Branding updates

If more customizations are needed in the future:

  1. Download the compressed master theme file to obtain the most recent templates. For more information, see Download a theme with API.
  2. Decompressed the master theme file and modify the necessary files.
  3. You can upload one template file at a time or add the template files to your backed-up customizations folder and upload the compressed file. For more information, see Update a specific template file for a theme or Updating a theme.
  4. Back up your customizations by downloading the theme by using customized_only=true parameter. The backup includes both your previous and your new customizations.

A template customization is protected, so no changes are automatically made to a customized template. When IBM Security Verify releases a new version of that template the new version is not used. Your customized version continues to be used and it remains compatible with earlier template versions. New versions of Verify templates that are not customized are used in your tenant as they are released.

Migrating from templates interface

Customizations that are done in the template interface are now under the default theme. The templates compressed file structure was reorganized by use case to ease the identification of a template. The template file names are different, but your customizations remain the same. For more information see Migrating from templates to themes.

Download your customizations by using the default theme with the customized_only=true parameter. Store the downloaded compressed file as a backup of your changes.