Provisioning user accounts in the target application

Provision accounts in the target application based on the user information that is received from Verify. Provisioning ensures that accounts exist in the application for users who are entitled to use them. Account provisioning is typically done in cases where a new employee is hired in the organization or the employee changed job title, department, or contact information. A user must have an account in the target application to access its resources.

An employee does not have to manually sign up for an account for every application that the employee is entitled to use. Verify creates the account when the account is going to be used.

Provisioning is similar to user management. It involves:
  • Creating user accounts in the target application based on the information that is derived from the Verify user profile and group assignment.
  • Updating user accounts attributes when the Verify user profile is updated. For example, the mobile number attribute is optional when you create a user in Verify. If you add a mobile number to a user profile, the information can be passed to the target application, when required.

Verify supports SAML JIT provisioning and provisioning for the following applications.

Before the user account can be provisioned in the target application:
  • The user must have an account in the Verify cloud directory.
  • The user must be entitled to access the target application.