Assigning application owners

Assign application owners to simplify and manage users' access to applications. Application owners are typically business managers who can determine which users and groups must be entitled to access the application. They can help evaluate whether it is necessary and relevant for the user or group to have access to the application instance that is created.

Before you begin

  • You must have administrative permission to complete this task.
  • Log in to the IBM® Security Verify administration console.
  • The user must have a user account profile in the Verify cloud directory before you can assign the user as an application owner. See Managing users.

About this task

You can assign cloud directory users and federated users as application owners.

You cannot select a user who is already added as an application owner.

Users who are assigned as application owners are automatically added to the application owners group. If a user is no longer an owner of any application, the user is automatically removed from the group.

If the user is manually removed from the application owners group, each application that is owned by the user is automatically updated to remove the user as its application owner.


  1. Select the General tab.

    You can access the General tab when you create or update the application instance. See Managing your applications.

  2. Click Add Owner to open the Select Users dialog box.
    1. Use the Search field for a filtered list of data.
    2. Select the user from the Matching Users list.
    3. Optional: If the target user is not in the returned search results, select Add new user. Use this option to create a cloud directory user or a federated user who was not yet authenticated to Verify See Creating a user.
      Note: When you select Save in the Add User dialog box, the user is created and can be viewed or updated from Users & Groups.
    4. Click OK to assign the user as an application owner.
      Note: If you added a user but choose to Cancel, the user is not added as an application owner.
  3. Optional: To remove an application owner from the General tab, click the Delete icon corresponding to the selected application owner.
  4. Click Save.
    The Application Owners list is updated. The following information is displayed when available:
    Table 1. Display information
    Information Descriptions
    Given name and surname of the user.
    Note: For federated users, this information is optional.
    Email address of the user where notifications are sent such as the user's new password after a reset request, or the one-time password.
    Note: For federated users, this information is optional.
    User Name
    Unique identifier for logging in to Verify. It can be the same as the email address of the user.
    Note: For federated users, the user name is concatenated with an @ followed by the realm that is associated with the identity provider from which the user information is retrieved. For example, where is the user's registered user name and ADFS is the user's realm.