Creating a custom data source type to parse events

If you have events that are imported into IBM® Security QRadar® Log Insights, you can select the events on which you want to base your custom data source type and send them directly to the Data Parser.


  1. Click the Data Explorer tab.
  2. Pause the incoming results and then highlight one or more events.
    Important: You can select only a single data source type, and only the events that match the selected data source type are automatically added to the workspace.
  3. Open the Data Parser and choose one of the following options:
    • If you are parsing known events, select your data source type from the list.
    • If you are parsing stored events, click Create New. Enter a name for your data source type in the Data Source Type Name field and click Save.
  4. In the Properties tab, select the property that you want to override and click Edit. If the property is not listed, select a new property from the list of system properties.
  5. Enable the Override toggle.