Connection error when certificate is refreshed

If the web server certificate changes, the Edge Gateway might encounter SSL issue when connecting to the cluster.


You see an SSL connection issue when connecting to the cluster.

Diagnosing the problem

If you run the manageAppHost checkconnection command, you see the following error if the web server certificate changes and the Edge Gateway encounters an SSL connection error:

>>> App host 2e8917d5-bf19-416b-917c-23cd1b778a02 (test, version <<<
- [error] Component synchronizer is not ready
- [error] App host 2e8917d5-bf19-416b-917c-23cd1b778a02 (test2) network error: [Failed SSL handshake to AppManager] Certificate CN=*, O=International Business Machines Corporation, L=Armonk, ST=New York, C=US does not match the specified manager certificate

Resolving the problem

Run the manageAppHost certificate command so that the Edge Gateway retrieves and updates the new certificate:
# manageAppHost certificate
INFO: Configuring certificate
INFO: Using app host 327b6526-462c-4eff-ad77-2513fb19230d (test123)
INFO: Configuring certificate for App Host test123
INFO: Certificate configuration succeeded

If the new server certificate cannot be validated, you are prompted to explicitly trust the certificate.