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KQL compatibility

With our implementation of Kusto QL, there will be some gaps until we finish the initial release. Here we describe the differences, nuances or things to watch for in IBM KQL.

Type support

Name Description
dynamic Only arrays of a single type, and with a maximum of two dimensions are currently supported.
string Verbatim strings, like those starting with an @ sign are not supported.
datatable Datatable as an input to table operators are currently not supported


Name Description
in Currently does not support sub-querying
!in Currently does not support sub-querying
top-hitters Currently does not support approximation algorithm Count-min sketch and is therefore not more efficient than a summarize operator
let Currently does not support any let functionality.


Name Description
dcount() A synonym for count_distinct(). The second parameter is ignored. There is no support for HpperLogLog (HLL), or approximation at this point.
dcountif() A synonym for count_distinctif(). The second parameter is ignored. There is no support for HLL, or approximation at this point
any() Alias is deprecated, not supported.
anyif() Alias is deprecated, not supported
pack() Deprecated, see bag_pack()
pack_dictionary() Deprecated, see bag_pack()

IBM added functionality


Name Description
lookup() like the operator, allows the resolution of reference data