Google Cloud Pub/Sub protocol data sourcelog source parameters for Google Cloud Platform - Cloud DNS

Add a Google Cloud Platform - Cloud DNS data source in IBM® Security QRadar® Log Insights that uses the Google Cloud Pub/Sub connector.

When you use the Google Cloud Pub/Sub connector, there are specific parameters that you must use.

The following table describes the parameters that require specific values to collect Google Cloud Pub/Sub events from Google Cloud DNS Service:
Table 1. Google Cloud Pub/Sub protocol log source parameters for the Google Cloud Platform - Cloud DNS DSM
Parameter Value
Data source type Google Cloud Platform - Cloud DNS
Connector type Google Pub/Sub
Data source identifier Use the IP address as a identifier for events from your Google Cloud DNS Service.

The data source identifiermust be a unique value.

For a complete list of Google Cloud Pub/Sub connector parameters and their values, see Google Cloud Pub/Sub connector configuration options.

For information about adding a data source in QRadar Log Insights, see Adding ingestion data sources.