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project operator

Select the columns to include, rename or drop, and insert new computed columns.

The order of the columns in the result is specified by the order of the arguments. Only the columns specified in the arguments are included in the result. Any other columns in the input are dropped. See also extend.


T | project ColumnName [= Expression] [, ...]


T | project [ColumnName | (ColumnName[,]) =] Expression [, ...]


  • T: The input table.

  • ColumnName: Optional name of a column to appear in the output. If there is no Expression, then ColumnName is mandatory and a column of that name must appear in the input. If omitted, the name will be automatically generated. If Expression returns more than one column, a list of column names can be specified in parentheses. In this case Expression's output columns will be given the specified names, dropping all the rest of the output columns, if there are any. If a list of the column names is not specified, all Expression's output columns with generated names will be added to the output.

  • Expression: Optional scalar expression referencing the input columns. If ColumnName is not omitted then Expression is mandatory.

    It is legal to return a new calculated column with the same name as an existing column in the input.


A table that has the columns named as arguments, and as many rows as the input table.


The following example shows several kinds of manipulations that can be done using the project operator. The input table events has columns of type long which represent the time (original_time) an event was generated in milliseconds from the originating device, an ip address as a string which are both projected, named and used to show how they can be used to create derived columns.

  | project original_time,
            original_time_formatted_1min_buckets = bin(original_time, 60s),
            string_ip= tostring(src_ip),
            hello_user_ip = strcat("hello world: ", string_ip),
            elapsed_time = now() - original_time,
            not_so_random_number = 5*10+64.45,
            not_so_random_timespan = not_so_random_number * 5d
  | where original_time > ago(10d) and  isnotempty(src_ip) == 1
  | take 1


Projection Value
original_time 2023-07-13T13:19:57.256Z
original_time_formatted_1min_buckets 1689254340000
hello_user_ip hello world:
elapsed_time 28113586395
not_so_random_number 114.45
not_so_random_timespan 49442400000000000