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distinct operator

Produces a table with the distinct combination of the provided columns of the input table.

T | distinct Column1, Column2

Unlike summarize by ..., the distinct operator supports providing an asterisk (*) as the group key, making it easier to use for wide tables.

T | distinct *


Shows the distinct combination of the name column

    | project DistinctEventName=name, original_time
    | where original_time > ago(24h) and isnotempty(DistinctEventName)
    | distinct DistinctEventName
    | sort by DistinctEventName asc


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Content Protection Violation
Deny protocol reverse path check
Generic HTTP Cross Site Scripting Attempt
Module Logging Command Invocation
Openfire Jabber server authentication bypass
The processing of Group Policy failed
ThinkPHP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
WAN Acceleration Receive Event
Web Server Enforcement Violation