Creating dashboards

Create new dashboards and then add widgets. Set a specific dashboard to be your default dashboard every time you log in.


  1. Go to Menu > Dashboards.
  2. Expand the dashboard list, click Create Dashboard, and then click Custom Dashboard.
  3. Give the dashboard a name and description.

    Avoid using the following reserved characters in dashboard names: / ? < > \ : * | ".

  4. To set the new dashboard as your default dashboard, set Default Dashboard to Yes.
  5. Click Next.

    The Choose widgets screen displays a library of available widgets, with details about each widget.

    Tip: Read-only widgets from the Threat Intelligence Insights, QRadar, and Case Management dashboards can't be edited or deleted, but you can duplicate widgets and then edit the copy. For more information about duplicating and editing widgets, see Editing widgets.
  6. Click each widget that you want to add to the dashboard. A check mark appears on each selected widget and a count appears in the lower left of the dashboard area.
  7. Click Create.
  8. Click, drag, and resize to rearrange the dashboard's widgets as you like.