Cisco NSEL connector configuration options

To monitor NetFlow packet flows from a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), configure the Cisco Network Security Event Logging (NSEL) connector source.

The Cisco NSEL connector is a passive inbound connector.

The following table describes the connector-specific parameters for the Cisco NSEL connector:
Table 1. Cisco NSEL connector parameters
Parameter Description
Connector type Cisco NSEL
Data source identifier If the network contains devices that are attached to a management console, you can specify the IP address of the individual device that created the event. A unique identifier for each, such as an IP address, prevents event searches from identifying the management console as the source for all of the events.
Collector Port The UDP port number that Cisco ASA uses to forward NSEL events. The QRadar® product uses port 2055 for flow data on QRadar QFlow Collectors. You must assign a different UDP port on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance for NetFlow.