Configuring ArcSight authentication and certificate generation

Before you configure an ArcSight data source in the platform, configure the user authentication and self-signed certificate generation.

About this task

The default administrator of the Logger instance must create the user and assign them the access permissions to the search API. The user must have read access for the search API.


  1. Create a user and set access permission in the ArcSight Logger Console.
    1. Log in to the ArcSight Logger console.
    2. Click System Admin.
    3. From the User/Groups menu, click User Management.
      The Manage Users page opens.
    4. Add the new user and provide credentials and contact information.
    5. From the Assign to Groups section, select Default Logger Search Group for Logger Search.
      The other groups are by default set to Unassigned. A user must be a member of at least one user group to use Logger. For new users, the default selection is set to Unassigned.
    6. Click Save and Close.
  2. Generate a self-signed certificate.
    1. Log in to the ArcSight Logger console.
    2. Click System Admin.
    3. From the Security section, click SSL Server Certificate.
      The Generate Certificate/Certificate Signing Request opens.
    4. Click the Generate Certificate tab.
    5. Specify new values in the Enter Certificate Settings field.
    6. Click Generate Certificate.
    7. Confirm certificate generation by clicking OK.
    8. View the PEM-encoded self-signed certificate by clicking View Certificate.