Connect:Direct Adapter Definition - Properties

Use this screen to edit properties associated with how the Connect:Direct® protocol is implemented. Not all keys are not displayed. To change a default key value, type the key value and assign a value.




Enables failover detection. Valid value=true | false. Default=false.


Determines the failover detection mode.

  • continuous—Continuously polls the outbound node and Sterling External Authentication Server.
  • Standard only—Polls the outbound node and Sterling External Authentication Server when a connection fails. This is the default.

Outbound and Sterling External Authentication Server perimeter servers are always continuously polled regardless of this setting.


How many seconds between failover polling. Default=5.

Sterling External Authentication Server profile to use to extend the Sterling External Authentication Server healthcheck to the back-end LDAP server.


Enables debug logging for failover. Valid values are true | false. Default=false.


IP address of the load balancer. Define this property to suppress health check connections logging made by the load balancer.