Error starting server at operating system startup

In IBM® Security Directory Server, the server (the ibmslapd process) is started manually through the Services window or by the ibmslapd command. If you try to start the server automatically by updating the Startup Type in the Services window to Automatic, errors might occur when you restart the computer.

An error occurs because DB2® must be running before the ibmslapd process can start.

If you want the server to start automatically, you can create a batch file to start the ibmslapd process. The batch file must be run after all the services are started so that DB2 is completely up and running before the ibmslapd process starts.

The following example shows ner commands in a .bat file that you can add to the startup folder to start the server:

@echo off
%LDAPHome%\bin\ibmdirctl [-h hostname] [-D adminDN] [-w password] 
[-p portnumber] start -- [ibmslapd options]
Note: Be sure that the Startup Type for the IBM Security Directory Administration server entry in the Services window is set to Automatic. If it is not, the administration server control program (ibmdirctl) does not work.