Using JAAS Active Login

To log on to Windows, an authorized program is required. The Runtime Environment contains a Windows service that can perform the login operation. This task will show you how to use the service.


  1. Log on as an administrator.
  2. Open a command prompt window.
    Select Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
    On Windows Vista, right-click the Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  3. Change to the bin directory of the Runtime Environment.
    For example, type cd C:\Program Files\IBM\Java60\jre\bin.
    Your Runtime Environment could be installed in a different directory.
  4. Install or remove the service using the provided program.
    • Type jaaslogon -install to install the service.
    • Type jaaslogon -remove to remove the service.

What to do next

Remember: If you do not remove JAASLogon from the Service Manager Autostart list before removing the Runtime Environment, you will get a "Failed Service" error when logging on to Windows. To remove the error, remove jaaslogon.exe from the Service Manager Autostart list.
The following error messages are associated with starting and removing JAASLogon:
jaaslogon Difficulty in starting JaasLogon, error code = 1063  Cause:  Incorrect 
syntax.  The correct syntax is jaaslogon -install
jaaslogon -install Difficulty in CreateService, error code = 1073  Cause:  The 
service has already been started.  
jaaslogon -remove In OpenService, error Code = 1060  Cause:  The service cannot be 
removed since it was not started.