IBM VM messages

The Java™ virtual machine (VM) that is used by the IBM Software Developers Kit (SDK) is the Eclipse OpenJ9 VM. Messages are issued by the VM in response to certain conditions.

These messages, error codes, and exit codes apply to multiple versions of the SDK.

There are three main types of message:
Information messages provide information about VM processing. For example, a dump information message is typically issued when a dump agent requests a Java dump.
Warning messages are issued by the VM to indicate conditions that might need user intervention.
Error messages are issued by the VM when normal processing cannot proceed, because of unexpected conditions.
VM messages have the following format: JVMTYPENUM&, where:
  • JVM is a standard prefix.
  • TYPE refers to the VM subcomponent that issued the message.
  • NUM is a numerical number.
  • & is one of the following codes:
    • I Information message
    • W Warning message
    • E Error message

VM messages can help you with problem determination. Refer to diagnostic information for more detailed information about diagnosing problems with the Eclipse OpenJ9 VM.

A PDF version of this information is available to download: see the "Downloadable documentation" topic alongside the user guides.