Start of changes for service refresh 3 fix pack 10

Runtime functions and tools for the Small Footprint JRE (Linux only)

Specific tools, libraries, and JAR files are removed from the IBM runtime environment for Java™, to reduce memory and disk requirements.

Java functions

The following functions are not available with the runtime environment, to reduce memory and disk storage:
Domain Name Service (DNS)
Javascript support
Uncompressed references support
Java language management source code support
Aggressive performance function

Tools provided with the runtime environment

The following tools are removed :
Java tools
Java executable program
bin/javaw: Runs without using a console window.
Kerberos tools
bin/kinit: Obtains and caches tickets.
bin/klist: Displays entries in the local credentials cache and key table.
bin/ktab: Manages the principal names and service keys stored in a local key table.
Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) tool
bin/tnameserv: Transient naming service.
Compression tool
bin/pack200: Transforms a JAR file into a compressed pack200 file.
bin/unpack200: Transforms a compressed pack200 file into a JAR file.
Desktop tool
lib/jexec: Runs JAR files.
End of changes for service refresh 3 fix pack 10