-storepasswd [-all] [-new new_storepass] {-storetype storetype} {-keystore keystore} [-storepass storepass] {-providerName provider_name} {-providerClass provider_class_name {-providerArg provider_arg}} {-v} {-Jjavaoption}

Changes the password used to protect the integrity of the keystore contents. The new password is new_storepass, which must be at least 6 characters long.

If the -all option is specified, the user will be prompted for the current keystore password, then the new keystore password. All the keys with the same password as the current keystore password will be changed. This is IBM only.

RACF® keystores do not store a password in the keyring, so no password is used for a RACF keystore. Therefore, the -storepasswd command is not supported for RACF keystores.

Typical usage looks like:
keytool -all -storepasswd -keystore keystorefile
Note: If the keystore type is PKCS12, the keystore password must be the same as all key passwords.
Keytool allows the user to change the keystore password and the key passwords together, by using the following keytool option combinations:
The user is prompted to enter a new password.
-storepasswd -all
The user is prompted to enter a new password.
-storepasswd -all -new<new_storepass>
The user must replace <new_storepass> with the new password chosen.

The option -storepasswd -new is not supported.