Installing Kerberos on AIX

Configuration details for JGSS can be found in the AIX® Kerberos configuration file, krb5.conf. For information about the contents of this file, and how to configure Kerberos, see the administration guide in the /usr/lpp/krb5/doc directory.

For AIX installation instructions for Kerberos, see the documentation for your version of AIX. For example, for version 7.1: Installing and configuring the system for Kerberos integrated login using IBM NAS.

The AIX Expansion Pack contains both the client and server versions of the IBM® Network Authentication Service (which implements Kerberos). The Expansion Pack also contains both PDF and HTML versions of the Network Authentication Service Administrator and User Guide. After installation, the guide is located in a subdirectory of /usr/lpp/krb5/doc. For more information, such as file names, locations, and available translated versions, see the release notes for the expansion pack. For example, for version 7.1: AIX Version 7.1 Expansion Pack Release Notes.