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Java™ Cryptography Extension Common Cryptographic Architecture (IBMJCECCA) is a security provider that exploits hardware cryptography, and is used to supplement the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE).


You can use IBMJCECCA to access hardware cryptography via the IBM® Common Cryptographic Architecture (CCA) interfaces. IBMJCECCA uses existing hardware cryptography capabilities within the JCE architecture, and gives Java programmers extra security and performance with minimal changes to existing Java applications. The complexities of cryptography are managed by the JCE architecture, and the IBMJCECCA provider makes advanced hardware security and performance easily available.

You can use IBM CCA software to connect applications to secure, high-speed cryptographic hardware. The range of available cryptographic services depends on your platform and hardware device.

IBMJCECCA is available only for z/OS® and 64-bit Linux® for IBM Z®. It does not run on other distributed platforms.


For detailed information about the IBMJCECCA package and classes, see the following documentation:

For IBMJCECCA API reference information, see: IBMJCECCA API Reference Documentation.

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