SMP/E and non-SMP/E packages (z/OS only)

On z/OS® systems, packages can be ordered in System Modification Program /Extended (SMP/E) format or downloaded from the web in non-SMP/E format.

If you order the SDK, the package is provided in SMP/E RELFILE format, which can be installed by using SMP/E. A program directory is available to guide you through the installation process.

Alternatively, non-SMP/E format packages are available to download directly from the web. These packages contain compressed code archives. Instructions for uncompressing and installing the packages are provided in an accompanying README file.

Note: The 64–bit z/OS SDK installation is designed to install to a different directory tree from any currently installed 31-bit SDK. This means that both 31-bit and 64-bit SDK installations can coexist on the same system.

For more information about ordering, downloading, installing, and verifying the SDK, see the Java™ on z/OS website.