iKeyman is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) application for managing Java™ keystores. The tool is provided to aid in the management of JSSE keystores.

With iKeyman, you can:
  • Create and manage key databases.
  • Create self-signed digital certificates for testing.
  • Add certificate authority (CA) and intermediate certificates.
  • Transfer certificates between key databases.
  • Create certificate requests and receive a digital certificate that is issued by a CA in response to a request.
  • Create, import, and export symmetric keys.

The iKeyman application can be run in two modes, GUI and command line. Both modes support the same command set. For more information, see the Commands section in iKeyman user guide. The iKeyman user guide provides detailed information about the iKeyman application, including the iKeyman GUI and CLI (ikeycmd) commands. The guide also lists the supported key database types (CMS and other file-based types), and how to set up the necessary configuration files to access PKCS#11 key databases (by using the IBM PKCS11Impl provider) and CMS keystores (by using the CMS provider).