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zERT-enabled Java™ Secure Socket Extension (ZERTJSSE) is a security provider that enables secure internet communications and gathers security information about those communications for reporting to z/OS® Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT). ZERTJSSE is a z/OS-specific provider that is supported in 31-bit and 64-bit releases of IBM® SDK, Java Technology Edition, from Version 8.


Note: zERT is available only in z/OS 2.3 or later. On earlier z/OS releases, the check that ZERTJSSE runs to find the required z/OS libraries fails, so ZERTJSSE does not register for any protocols. If the SSLContext.getInstance([protocol]) method is called without specifying a JSSE provider, the application will ignore ZERTJSSE and select the highest-priority JSSE provider that registered for the specified protocol. If the SSLContext.getInstance([protocol], "ZERTJSSE") method is called, specifying to use the ZERTJSSE provider, the call will throw a NoSuchAlgorithmException.
ZERTJSSE wraps the IBMJSSE2 provider and notifies zERT when there is a change to the state of a secure session that is managed by IBMJSSE2. ZERTJSSE does not implement any JSSE functionality, instead it uses the IBMJSSE2 provider to run JSSE operations. ZERTJSSE merely monitors the secure sessions managed by IBMJSSE2; the flow of data between the user and the IBMJSSE2 provider is unchanged. See the JSSE2 provider documentation for information about the underlying JSSE implementation.


For detailed ZERTJSSE documentation, see: ZERT JSSE reference guide.

For the ZERTJSSE API documentation, see: (ZERTJSSE Provider Class Documentation)

For detailed JSSE2 for z/OS documentation, see: JSSE2 z/OS Unique Considerations.

For documentation on the underlying JSSE2 functionality, see: IBMJSSE2 Provider documentation.

For information about the JSSE Standard API, see: JSSE Standard API.

For information about zERT, see: zERT Documentation.

For information about Java security providers, see: IBM Security Providers Documentation.

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