JZOS Batch Launcher and Toolkit

Java™ Batch Launcher and Toolkit for z/OS® (JZOS) is a set of tools that helps you to develop z/OS Java applications that run in a traditional batch environment, and that access z/OS system services.


The JZOS Batch Launcher is a native launcher for running Java applications directly as batch jobs or started tasks. Java applications can be fully integrated as job steps to augment existing batch applications.

The JZOS Toolkit is a set of Java classes that give Java applications direct access to traditional z/OS data and key z/OS system services.

The JZOS Batch Launcher and Toolkit includes, but is not limited to, the following facilities and features:
  • Run Java applications on z/OS seamlessly in a MVS™ batch job step or started task.
  • Simple but flexible configuration of the Java execution environment.
  • Access to data sets via JCL DD statements.
  • Java interfaces to many z/OS specific APIs and features including SMF, Catalog Search and Logstreams.
  • Invoke z/OS Access Method Services (IDCAMS).
  • Read and write traditional MVS data sets from Java.
  • Communicate with the MVS system console.
  • Pass condition codes between Java and non-Java job steps.
  • Access z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) services.

The combination of the launcher, data access, added system services, and environmental enhancements make running Java on z/OS as batch jobs easier, particularly for Java application developers. The way that Java batch is managed is now the same as it is for z/OS batch applications written in COBOL, PL/I, or other compiled languages.


For detailed JZOS documentation, see: JZOS Batch Launcher and Toolkit Installation and User's Guide

For the JZOS Toolkit API reference, see: JZOS Toolkit API Reference Documentation.

To download sample Java programs that use the JZOS Toolkit, see: JZOS Samples.