Using the Metronome Garbage Collector (AIX, Linux only)

The Metronome Garbage Collector (GC) can be configured to optimize garbage collection for your environment.

This GC policy is supported only on AIX® and Linux® operating systems with the following limitations:
AIX workload partitions (WPAR) and micropartitions are not supported. However, logical partitions (LPAR) are supported provided there is an integral number of processors. That is, LPARs with a fractional number of processors, such as 0.5 or 1.5, are not supported.
Supported only on x-86 platform architectures.

Support is available for both compressed and uncompressed references on 64-bit platforms. Using compressed references improves the performance of many applications because objects are smaller, resulting in less frequent garbage collection and improved memory cache utilization. For more information about compressed references, see Compressed references.