Class ConfigFile

  • public class ConfigFile
    extends Configuration
    This class represents a default implementation for

    This object stores the runtime login configuration representation, and is the amalgamation of multiple static login configurations that resides in files. The algorithm for locating the login configuration file(s) and reading their information into this Configuration object is:

    1. Loop through the properties, login.config.url.1, login.config.url.2, ..., login.config.url.X. These properties are set in the Java security properties file, which is located in the file named <JAVA_HOME>/lib/security/, where <JAVA_HOME> refers to the directory where the JDK was installed. Each property value specifies a URL pointing to a login configuration file to be loaded. Read in and load each configuration.
    2. The java.lang.System property may also be set to a URL pointing to another login configuration file (which is the case when a user uses the -D switch at runtime). If this property is defined, and its use is allowed by the security property file (the Security property, policy.allowSystemProperty is set to true), also load that login configuration.
    3. If the property is defined using "==" (rather than "="), then ignore all other specified login configurations and only load this configuration.
    4. If no system or security properties were set, try to read from the file, ${user.home}/.java.login.config, where ${user.home} is the value represented by the "user.home" System property.

    The configuration syntax supported by this implementation is exactly that syntax specified in the class.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigFile

        public ConfigFile()
        Create a new Configuration object.
      • ConfigFile

        public ConfigFile( uri)
        Create a new Configuration object from the specified URI.
        uri - Create a new Configuration object from this URI.
    • Method Detail

      • getAppConfigurationEntry

        public AppConfigurationEntry[] getAppConfigurationEntry(java.lang.String applicationName)
        Retrieve an entry from the Configuration using an application name as an index.

        Specified by:
        getAppConfigurationEntry in class Configuration
        applicationName - the name used to index the Configuration.
        an array of AppConfigurationEntries which correspond to the stacked configuration of LoginModules for this application, or null if this application has no configured LoginModules.
      • refresh

        public void refresh()
        Refresh and reload the Configuration by re-reading all of the login configurations.

        refresh in class Configuration
        java.lang.SecurityException - if the caller does not have permission to refresh the Configuration.

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