Installing and configuring the SDK and Runtime Environment

You can install the SDK and Runtime Environment from an InstallAnywhere package, or from installp packages.

InstallAnywhere packages

The InstallAnywhere packages are archive packages. Use these packages when you want to install the product files without any configuration. For more information, see Installing from an InstallAnywhere package. Packages are provided for both the Java™ runtime environment and SDK.

installp packages

Use these packages when you want to install the product with associated configuration, such as the setting of environment variables. Only SDK packages are provided.

This package is required:

  • Java7.sdk (license, base SDK, Web Start, and dt.jar)
  • Java7_64.sdk (license, base SDK and dt.jar)

These packages are optional:

  • Java7.samples (demos)
  • Java7.jclsource (src.jar)
  • Java7.sampsource (src.jar)
  • Java7.msg.$LANG (Localized messages)
  • Java7_64.samples (demos)
  • Java7_64.jclsource (src.jar)
  • Java7_64.sampsource (src.jar)
  • Java7_64.msg.$LANG (Localized messages)
$LANG is one of the following locales. These packages do not include any files but pull in required Unicode TrueType fonts, if not already installed, for these locales:
  • Zh_CN
  • zh_CN
  • ko_KR
  • Ja_JP
  • ja_JP
  • Zh_TW
  • zh_TW

Installp packages are installed by the AIX installp command. For more information about using this command, see the AIX product documentation. For example, if you are using AIX 7.1, see

The SDK is installed in the directory:

The following user-configurable files are installed to /etc/java7[_64]/ to support a configuration where the files are not shared:

  • jre/lib/
  • jre/lib/
  • jre/lib/management/jmxremote.access
  • jre/lib/management/jmxremote.password.template
  • jre/lib/management/
  • jre/lib/management/snmp.acl
  • jre/lib/management/snmp.acl.template
  • jre/lib/security/java.policy
  • jre/lib/security/
  • jre/lib/security/javaws.policy
  • jre/lib/
  • jre/lib/

There are symbolic links in /usr/java7[_64]/ pointing to the files in /etc/java7[_64]/.