Overview of IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go

IBM® Open Enterprise SDK for Go is an industry-standard Go compiler optimized for the z/OS® platform. The Go compiler leverages the latest z/Architecture® instructions to provide an exceptional implementation on the z/OS platform.

Go is a general-purpose programming language for building large-scale complex software, and is the language of cloud infrastructure such as Kubernetes, Open Container Initiative, and OpenShift®. It is designed to be a fast running programming language, easy to learn and understand due to its simple syntax. Go contains a powerful standard library of packages and built-in functions to support application development. It was rated as the 3rd most wanted language in Stack Overflow Developer Survey and 4th in GitHub pull requests recently, making it the second fastest in popularity growth.

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go includes the following features:
  • A native Go compiler to enable new and existing applications written in Go to run on z/OS
  • Enablement of Go 1.20 to z/OS UNIX Systems Services
  • Support for the Go standard runtime library
  • Support for Go modules and multithreading
  • Support for the standard UTF-8 Unicode
  • Support for cgo, which enables Go to call C code
  • Support for direct access to VSAM databases
  • Access to additional packages that enable more ready-to-use features
  • Program licenses available at no charge
  • Optional IBM Subscription and Support to provide access to IBM world-class support