Getting help

To find help about IBM® Open Enterprise SDK for Go, it is important to collect as much information as possible about your installation configuration.

To establish what version of IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is in use, run the following command:
go version
The version of Go is displayed.

Online self-help

Online documentation is available on IBM Documentation. You can also download the PDF format documentation for offline use.

Getting IBM experts to solve your problem by opening a case

Paid IBM Subscription & Support (S&S) entitles you to world-class IBM support for IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go. Get IBM support by opening a case. First, obtain the SMP/E edition and purchase S&S. Once you have purchased S&S, visit the Go Support Portal to request support from IBM after logging in with your IBM customer ID.

General Help

For help with writing Go programs, working with the standard library or other general inquiries, see Go get help page.