Accessing Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) databases directly from Go

zosrecordio is a Go module that provides a way to access and manipulate VSAM databases directly from Go on z/OS®. Operations are implemented through the z/OS Language Environment® interfaces without calling C from Go. The following operations are included:

  • Opening, closing, and reopening VSAM databases
  • Record, reading, and writing records
  • Locating records
  • Updating records
  • Deleting records

Inputs and outputs from these operations are uniform byte slices, which eliminates the need for error-prone size specifications. Various utility functions are also included for converting back and forth between byte slices and structs, so that record types might be programmed as Go structs.

For details on how to access VSAM database, see recordio in Go: A Go module for record i/o in VSAM databases directly from Go.