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Controlling dependencies with workspaces

Workspaces lets you work in multiple modules simultaneously without having to edit go.mod files for each module. You can control all your dependencies by simply using a file in the root of your workspace directory.

With Go workspaces, you can more easily identify and work with multiple modules in a work subdirectory that may be part of your many version control repositories which are part of the development of one or more of your source packages.

The following is an example of using workspace to port a package named "beyond".
## Clone Beyond
mkdir go-work & cd go-work
git clone
## Setup workspace
go work init ./beyond
## (Optional) Try building beyond (will fail)
go run ./beyond
## Clone Logger and add to workspace
git clone
go work use ./logger
## Add 'zos' tag to logger_syslog.go
vi logger/logger_syslog.go # Append 'zos' to first line
## Run Beyond
go run ./beyond
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